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British Floor Guardian

What is British Floor Guardian?

British Floor Guardian is a light weight, portable floor covering designed to enhance a facility whilst providing protection for expensive sports hall and other floors when not being used for their primary purpose or extending the life of your existing floor.

To use British Floor Guardian, you simply roll out the flooring pieces and join the seams with 4-inch wide, industrial velcro.

Why Use British Floor Guardian?

To save you money sports halls or court hire fees generally do not cover operating costs.  Over recent years the non sporting nature of many facilities has led to changes in the programming to include “special events” which cater for much higher number of visitors.  There are many different uses for British Floor Guardian which enable facilities to capture new markets and increase income from a squash court to large indoor sports halls and every thing in between.

To protect your expensive floors when used for alternative and income generating uses e.g. conferences and exhibitions, weddings, children’s parties,  seminars, exhibitions, indoor boot fares, table top sales, temporary stage shows. Other uses, emergency rest centres, school and further education examination venue, polling stations, and election counts.  A number of venues are requesting British Floor Guardian under peace time civil contingencies to use as temporary flooring where they are designated as Peace Time Emergency Rest Centre’s not only to protect their floors, but make them more welcoming and environmentally friendly.

Is it hard to Clean?

British Floor Guardian can be vacuumed and most spots can be cleaned with standard cleaners. Entire sections of the floor can be hosed off with water. Tougher stains are easily removed using dry solvents and/or diluted bleach.

British Floor Guardian in Use



Before                                                                                     After

Cutting carpet to exact size and then applying Velcro.


College Bexhill                                                                      Leisure Centre Northern Ireland

University Newcastle                                                         Military Base, Bicester Garrison

School Newport


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